Friday, April 23, 2010

Art dump from the past part 1

Work from the past few years. Forgot exactly since when, but I guess starting 2007?

©Mutia Terian 2007. Photoshop.
One of the earliest attempt on digital painting.

©Mutia Terian 2008. Gouache on illustration board.

©Mutia Terian 2008. Pencil and photoshop.

©Mutia Terian 2008. Painter and photoshop.

©Mutia Terian 2008. Painter.
One of my most favorite pieces so far :).

Alrite, that's all for now.
I'll add more later! :)



  1. the piece with the snowglobe is beautiful :) my favorite!!! keep up the great work.. liking your works a lot!! ^^

  2. thank you! :D
    baru liat nih komennya hehehe XD