Monday, September 13, 2010

Art Dump From the Past Part 2

Old pieces...

This one's a project from "Fundamental for Graphic Design" 2 years ago.
We had to come out with a postcard design for a specific event we chose. I chose "Wicked", a theatrical play about the wizards of Oz.

If you wonder why in the world I took that class, that was because I was in Graphic-Illustration department instead of Traditional Illustration.
And dude, I regretted it a a lot, since I had to substitute oil painting classes with this one and 2 others graphic design classes that DID NOT make any use at all -_-a.

"Wicked Postcard"

And this one, a collab project with my friend, Gloria for a small contest in deviantart, themed "spring". I did the kids and foreground digitally, and Gloria did the background using pastel.
First time exploring painting style using OpenCanvas *which now I don't use at all since that program is not mac OS integrated.*

"Their Own Spring"
Collab Project - 2008.
Mixed media.

That's about it today.
Actually I had more, but unfortunately most of the files were stored in my external HD and it burnt last semester T_T. Too bad I deleted some stuffs in my DA and hadn't started on my blog until the beginning of this year.
Oh well...